Not quite sure what to ask, but want insight across many areas of life? The General OPEN BOOK will provide a detailed overview/advice/outlook which will include the following:

-Current Soul Lesson

-Earth Realm (overview of practical matters, job, finance, resources and/or housing)

-Air Realm (overview of mindsets, mental well being, ideas and/or communication)

-Fire Realm (overview of energetic matters, creativity, sexuality, passions and/or inspiration)

-Water Realm (overview of emotions, relationships, intuition and/or love)

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FEBRUARY 21,22,23

FRIDAY 2:00 PM-10:00 PM (LAST READING 9:20 PM 


SUNDAY  11:00AM-6:00 PM (LAST READING 5:20 PM)



Mihaela, you were wonderfully affirming! You are gifted! Thank you for the insights for my important questions! 

Janet H. Toronto, Canada

Thank you very much! You give me more  insight then eight years of therapy.

 Danielle S. Ontario, Canada

Amazing energy. Open ,honest,genuine reading. A healer that truly wants to help you live your best life! 

Ashley C. Toronto,Canada

Thank you ,you made me feel comfortable,you definitely gave me answers.

Carol F. Toronto,Canada

Thank you so much for giving me insight on my future !

David Toronto,Canada

Very fun experience .After reflecting on the cards presented,it made a lot of sense.The messages hit home!Thanks. 

Patty B. Toronto,Canada

Love my reading! Very intuitive and spot on! Thank you for your guidance. 

Camilla R. Toronto Canada

Interesting accurate reading! Very positive and uplifting  Thank you .

Marie C. Toronto Canada

Love my reading! It is absolutely amazing! By far the best ever!Thank you.

Alicia K. Toronto Canada

This was an awsome reading! Very informative and accurate.Thank you!

Mina R. Toronto Canada

What a reassuring reading! I Am confident going into my new career helping others!

Nikky S. Toronto Canada

You are honest precise and really enlighten my path .Thank you for your honesty and guidance.

Jane  Brampton,Canada

Great reading .Very spot on! Definitely a true healer.Thank you so much! 

Natalie  Toronto Canada

Mihaela, I cannot thank you enough,everything you told me was so accurate and resonated well with my situation.You are a angel in disguise and I mean every word I say. You are a therapist.I am learning and I feel like a brand new person. You not only pointed me out the things I knew, you even give me solutions. Your energy is so vibrant.Thank you for everything you did  for me .You restored my faith. Your student for life .

Carra Ontario Canada

Best reading I've ever received! Definitely I will keep in touch.Thank you.

Marry L. Newmarket Canada

Very accurate covered all aspects of what I'm going through.I will definitely contact you soon.Thank you so much!

Rosanne C. Ontario Canada

Amazing experience ,you were right on point .Your guidance and exercises made me move with ease ,like a weight was lifted.I no longer fear about the future.

Angela P. Newmarket ,Canada

Excellent reading ,I feel much better and focused! I will see you soon.Thank you.

Lana Newmarket Canada

Good reading.Put me back on track .Good advice ,I will contact you soon.

Magda Toronto Canada

Very helpful and intuitive .Great reading.Thank you.

Sly T. Toronto Canada

Very informative and right  on with the reading.Brought a sense of understanding to thoughts and feelings I been having

Thank you so much.

Ben G. Toronto Canada

Awesome reading.Something beyond a connection. Thank you for all the messages.

Angela V. Toronto Canada

Spot on with so many things- specific things.Would definitely recommend you for future events.Thank you

Karren B. Toronto Canada

This reading was amazing! You were able to connect with me and my life very well.Thank you

Lisa T. Newmarket  Canada

Very helpful and accurate.Assessment of my life,my past and what feels very much like a rollercoaster right now.With your guidance ,I can breath easier.Thank you

Steph N. Toronto Canada

Shocking experience.It was truly eye opening for myself you anser my questions and I will be taking the advice-giving.Thanks

Anne E. Toronto Canada


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